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Five Directions is an organization dedicated to providing underserved communities in Santa Barbara County with a physical location free of abuse, neglect, and judgement. It strives to be a multi-service organization focused on the needs of children and low-income families, providing structured programs to encourage positive physical and emotional growth.

When COVID hit the country in early 2020, brothers Jairo and Zico Gonzalez noticed the impact that closed schools and social isolation were having on the children in their community. They realized that boxing, as a form of physical discipline and emotional release, could provide a positive outlet during such a challenging time. As public facilities began to re-open, the brothers pooled their money and rented a small industrial space just outside Old Town Goleta. Using their own funds and voluntary donations, the brothers renovated the space, turning it into a full-blown indoor/outdoor community and training center for both youth and adults.


Currently, Five Directions provides boxing instruction to any and all members of the community. As a partner with Generation Red Road, individuals can also get referrals to talking circles, a free resource designed to improve emotional health. The ultimate vision is to provide an accessible, comprehensive approach to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that will provide members the tools they need to build stronger, healthier communities.

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Our Team




Jairo is a boxing pioneer in the Santa Barbara region, having started at Primo Boxing when he was just a teenager. At Five Directions, he is responsible overseeing the Boxing Division, where he trains and works directly with all of the athletes. Jairo also actively participates in Generation Red Road Talking Circles and has opened up this practice to members at Five Directions as well. Jairo has a beautiful family with his wife and two daughters, who are his true pride and joy.




Zico grew up in Santa Barbara and was introduced to Primo Boxing through his brother, Jairo. Zico credits boxing with giving him the structure and focus he needs to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals outside the gym. Zico is still an avid boxer and who participates in a number of international competitions, including a WBC sanctioned fight in Rosarito, Mexico in 2021.

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Dolores also credits Primo Boxing for introducing her to boxing. As a teenager she loved the sport, particularly appreciating the discipline it requires and teaches. In addition to being a boxing instructor, Dolores has a professional background in early childhood education. She feels tremendous gratitude to be around boxing again, this time as an instructor, where she primarily trains children and women. 

Let’s Work Together

We are always looking for new ways to partner with individuals and organizations to help us achieve our mission.

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Our Partners

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